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Finding Meaning in My Favorite Text: The Lion King
Kokouvi Jacques Wemegan
Edmund Ankomah Hammah
Text and Meaning
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May 5,2017 Finding Meaning in the Lion King

“It’s the circle of life”(Allers & Minkoff, 1994). These words lulled many 90’s kids’ childhoods. If you haven’t guessed they are from the Walt Disney’s masterpiece The Lion King. This animation movie counts the story of an animal kingdom in Africa that leaves to the palate a taste a family drama, love, truth seeking and betrayal. Mufasa, the King and Father of Simba has been assassinated by his own brother, Scar, who fomented a coup with hyenas to get rid of both Mufasa and Simba the heir to the throne. Fortunately, the heir flees into exile and meets two future friends namely, Pumba and Timoon. With the help of his friends Nala, Pumba and Timoon along with, Rafiki his mother and other lionesses Simba makes a comeback from exile to take his rightful place on the throne from his evil uncle and restore the circle of life. Despite the marvelous, awe inspiring and lasting impact that this animation movie has had on a generation, it is really interesting to point out through a feminist lens, how much this piece makes a case for Patriarchy. Also, an intrinsic lens shows with the use of symbolism and other literary devices how life can be free of trouble.
According to Easton, feminism “can be defined as the struggle for equal rights, and as a political and social movement[…] described in terms of

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