The Meaning Of The Novel In Wallace Fowlie's 'Book'

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The poem novel is a translation by Wallace Fowlie. The original was written by Arthur Rimbaud and it was called Roman in French which also means novel. I would like to begin with the title. For me the title is extremely important. The reason I think the title is important is also because I feel that when I first read the poem, I asked my self is this apt? Because on the first reading I felt the poem could have been called something else. I did not think as to what it should be called but I definitely did not agree with the title novel. Let us now look at the meaning of novel. According to the Oxford dictionary the word novel means a story long enough to fill a complete book, in which the characters and events are usually imaginary. So if we were to take this title in its literal sense we will think that the poem is fictitious and most of us would think that it is fictitious. But if one were to go into greater detail regarding the poet’s life one would realise that this poem somewhat reflects his own life. The poet was almost seventeen years old when he wrote this poem and I feel that he is talking about a girl but he had a relationship with Paul Verlaine at this time so maybe the girl is like a mask in the poem whereas the poem is about Verlaine. Before I begin with our personal analysis of the poem I would like to talk about what I inferred on my first reading of the poem. So when I first read the poem it gave me a feeling that it was about love. It was about teenage love

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