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Over the last five decades, there have been major alterations in the language around sexuality and gender. Many words have changed meanings and usages while new ones have been born. One good example of these words is "queer." Originally regarded as a derogatory term which was demeaning and often accompanied by violence, "queer" is now a term embraced by many with pride. "Queer," as described in the video originated from the word "twerh” to mean oblique-the word having been rooted from terkw which in German means "to twist, turn, wind." Queer scholars and activists having identified the term as demeaning came to reclaim its meaning to that which did not lean towards the identity of gay.
The term "queer" is a multi-faceted word can be used both positively and negatively by different people. Some people may refer to this term as something strange, derogatory or even an identity to people whose gender or sex is non-conforming. However, many people now view this term positively to mean all-inclusive, an umbrella term, or an academic term applied in the context of queer theory and queer studies.
My understanding of the term queer is that it is a positive term that can be used in various ways under various circumstances. For example, I can say, "I 'm hanging out with my queer friends. That watch is queer. We are queer. We
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The case was overseen by psychologist John Money who acknowledged the reassignment as success implying that gender identity is learned primarily. As Reimer grew up, he realized he was not a girl and at age 15, he diverted to living as a male. He eventually went public and started helping people with similar problems and discouraging similar medical practices. After enduring years of depression, Reimer eventually took his own life (Khosla,

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