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Semana Santa The meaning of Semana Santa is literaly ' 'Holy week ' ' and it is celebrated a week before Easter, starting from the 20th of March till the 27th of March this year. It is celebrated with incense, ringing bells, melancholic music and a lot of passion. During the Semana Santa different brotherhoods (cofradías in Spanish) solemnly atone and commemorate the suffering of Christ. This takes more than 90 minutes and afterwards there is a music chapel with trumpets and drums. However, some processions are held in complete silence, sometimes even with the oath of silence (Stralend Sevilla, n.d.). There are also large groups of anonymous penitents who are called the nazarenos. Sometimes they consist of hundreds of people from all around the world. They are also the nazarenos that are best known as the image of the Semana Santa in Spain, since they wear pointed hats and remind you of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. These pointed masks are mostly in white, black or purple and are intended to ensure the anonymity of the nazareno. Moreover, there are paso 's used which are big structures on which, a statue of Mary or the suffering of Christ is shown. The Semana Santa is in…show more content…
This day is celebrated in the whole of Spain and it is celebrated that the Spanish Columbus took his first steps on America. After this it went better with the Spanish Empire and many Spanish influences spread throughout the world. In every region of Spain, the festival is celebrated differently. In the capital Madrid it is celebrated the biggest. Here they have bullfights and many parades. The biggest parade here is perhaps the military parade. Here the power is shown to the king and the prime minister (Verrassend,

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