The Meaning Of True Love In The Princess Bride

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Love Will Triumph
Two fairytales express the meaning of what true love is. In The Princess Bride there is a noble farm girl Buttercup, who is later sought to be wed to a prince, Prince Humperdinck. Rapunzel from Tangled who has been held captive by Mother Gothel; who Rapunzel thought was her mother. These tales might have a few similarities, although different to some extent still alike. The two princesses are faced with challenges. Both of them face despair from fake love. Love that in the end only benefits to the villains in their lives. As all stories go about ending with happily ever after theses two princesses find true love with people who once were complete strangers to them. Princess Buttercup ends up falling back in love with Westley. Westley was a farmhand at Buttercup’s family farm before leaving to seek his fortune and becoming a pirate. Rapunzel begins to fall for
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Soon enough Westley picks up on their trail and is on his way to save his love, Buttercup. When Westley and Buttercup finally meet face to face Westley is masked so she does not know who he is. Humperdinck catches up to them and pretends to be playing the role of a hero. Buttercup in an attempt to escape pushes Westley down a hill edge and as he falls he says, “As you wish”. Buttercup then realizes that it is her true love and falls after him. She is automatically on board exactly where the two had left off five years back not asking why, nor caring what crimes Westley might have committed. Rapunzel also begins to fall in love with, Flynn Rider, the man who helps her escape and run off to see the lights rise in the sky. Knowing little of who Flynn was, a criminal thief, she set out with little trust in him and they begin to fall in love as their adventure see the lights plays
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