The Means Of Love: Mutual Respect And Love

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Superficial Routine
People tend to change. With that, changes their thoughts and interests. And when you go through your life doing the same thing over and over again, it is obviously going to start becoming monotonous. Wake up, eat breakfast, drop the kids at school, go to work, come home, have dinner, go to sleep and continue this day on and day out. If this is your routine, then life is bound to get boring.
Often the stiffness in a relationship grows so strong due to this monotone that partners find themselves going through the motions. The customs have lost their meaning and create more bitterness. They blame their partners for the lack of adventure in their lives when in fact it takes an effort from both parties in keeping their marriage
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Because you are at a stage where your relationship is actually complete and it should feel complete. You’re at that stage where complete stability exists. And that is a good thing, because stability is not synonymous to being monotonous. Stability only makes you stronger and interested to see what life has in store for you.
Mutual Respect and Love
Mutual respect and love is a stage and one that all couples aspire to. Each partner feels fully accepted by the other and they have touched a comfortable balance between being together in their own individuality. Both partners are free to explore new ways of fulfilling themselves instead of putting so much energy into the relationship.
This is the eventual stage when both partners love and trust each other totally. However, sometimes this kind of complete faith can also make you take each other for granted – so be careful there.
Among all the above stages of love in a relationship, it’s in this stage that you know the direction of your relationship. You are happy with each other, and know what to expect from each other too.
Even though there is total bliss and understanding in this stage, don’t stop appreciating your partner and never stop showing them how much you love them. That’s because love needs to be worked up or cherished all the
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You holdon to the lessons you have learned at each stage of your relationship and bring them forward as you grow – you are in one stage or any other at any given time with bits of the others thrown in for good measure.
Now that you realize that you have learned to overcome your differences and have found a deep, strong, long-lasting connection, you’ll reach a further liberating conclusion: that the two of you have the power to change something in this world. You two are now one with each other and it will feel like there is nothing in this world that you two cannot conquer if you put your minds in it together.
You are not just going along together through this life for the sake of it, but you live in a partnership for the sake of a greater cause. It might be that you work together, write together, create something together, it could be anything. But it’s when you start to function as a whole, having surpassed all the previous stages, that you can say with 100% certainty that "this is the person for

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