The Measles Outbreak Tara Haelle Summary

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Accordingly, to Tara Haelle, author of “The Measles Outbreak is Twice as Big as You Thought”, published in Scientific American, in 2015, the main idea is on March 6, about 173 cases were reported because of measles. However, Canada had an outbreak more than 100 cases that was also affected by the measles.The measles virus is infecting the children more.The measles are a contagious virus that is spread by someone. The virus can be spread by inhaling from an affected person.The infectious disease can remain in the air, on the surface, and objects for several hours after an affected person leave the room. Haelle mention Mark Schleiss, he is a director of Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Minnesota Medical School,…show more content…
The structure she includes in her writing is a logic choice for, the evidence because it helps a reader understand the purpose of why she wrote the article. The article provide information to tell the readers facts about what 's going on with the disease and what has to be done to prevent it. An example of cause and effect Haelle used in her writing, “ Until more of these pockets reach a higher level of herd immunity, however, the disease will continue to…show more content…
In conclusion,the article has outstanding key points. Haelle could’ve added more information to make the article a little better.She explained the outbreaks that occurred in different countries and different people. She provide examples to explain her explanation. She includes in her article that its family that are traveling is the one that 's getting the measles because they didn 't get any vaccination. Haelle did not include if the disease decreased over the years.The article would have been better because the article would of had enough keypoints. I believe the article needed more information to support the main idea of her writing. The information was very clear and it made sense.Parents should be more careful and take responsibility. The parents need to get their child or children vaccinated to prevent the spread of the disease. Children can easily be affected because of germs and it can also spread
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