The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover Of America's Food Business

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The special topics course that freshman would be required to take would be called “Farms, Factories, and Food.” This course would be an exposure of the grim realities of the modern agricultural industry. Students would be made aware of the extreme mistreatment, and in some cases even torture, of animals in food factories. This course would also include discussions about how large agriculture companies use lobbyists and dark money to change public policy in their favor, instead of what is best for the American people. The course would also entail discussions about government policies towards different food such as corn, which is used in sugar and gasoline, along with pizza, which is legally considered to be a vegetable. It would also be important to compare government policies towards large factory farms and small, family operated farms.…show more content…
“The Meat Racket” focuses on the meat packing industry, and reveals its internal atrocities, along with how the industry is able to avoid external scrutiny by the government. “Deeply Rooted” gives first person accounts of small farmers. They discuss the challenges posed by large corporations such as Monsanto, along with insight into the need for small, family owned farms. At the end of this course, students should understand the necessity for reform of the agricultural
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