The Media Exaggerates Negative News By Steven Pinker

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In the article “The media exaggerates negative news. This distortion has consequences”(2018), the author Steven Pinker introduces to the general public why the media like to report the negative news and exaggerate it. The author states exaggeration is worse and he explains why it happened. Firstly the author describes what is negative news and he gives some examples of the negative news in history. Then he argues the negative news effects and he believes it is negative forwards to the public. In the last part of the article, the author claims his feelings of negative news and we could know he doesn’t want people to see the more and more negative news reported by the media. The author is very angry about the effects of the negative news, he hopes the general public to read his article and realize the harmful influence of the negative news. Generally, the author doesn’t use any strong facts to support his ideas, so I don’t think the author’s words are effective enough to convince readers. The author wants to explain the harmful effects to the general public by using the logical frame to write, readers can find the two logical examples that the author uses in the article. However, readers couldn’t find any other strong facts and opposite ideas that will advance support the author’s ideas. The author uses some credible evidence to explain his idea of negative news’ effects. In the first example, the author mentions that “People rank tornadoes as a more common cause of death

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