The Importance Of False Information

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Media industry continues to grow rapidly as the revolution in information and communication technology (ICT) and many new branches in the world, especially in the way of delivering the news spread. In addition to conventional methods of delivery of newspapers, magazines, leaflets, radio and television, now comes a new arena for the world of media and journalistic social media.

Through social media, the latest news is conveyed so much so that a variety of information has been misused and misappropriated the news is released from improper sources. So, people began to doubt the validity or reliability of the elements of a story when it is produced from dubious sources or otherwise not appropriate. The accuracy of any news or items
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It also facilitates finding solutions to these problems by being creative, critical developers and applying innovative thinking to already existing data.
Credibility of media sources and the information it releases, poses a major question to the people when there is an open data of information out there. To what extent is the information out there true? To what extent do media illiterate people get affected by false information out there based on the source being use?

With this fast digital moving age and with the time constraints that are present on getting the information out, people are turning towards the broadcast media outlets and depending on them for their news information and for their daily updates about their communities and their world around them. If this information has the potential of being false, then imagine all the decisions taken on the basis of this and the effect on these people.

News media is considered one of the most reliable sources of information, especially when it comes to the events that affect the life of an individual. Political events, economic events, and social events often shape a person’s life, hence it is important to have access to the most accurate and true
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Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and blogs became sources of information, not only for the public but also for the mainstream media. Mainstream media and social media can often be seen interacting with each other to dispel all this information around the world in real time.

With all this information presented, it leads us to question the credibility of the information and news presented to us by the media. If a disaster happens or a crisis breakouts and information is flowing from different directions continuously and un- relentlessly, it is hard to monitor the truthfulness of information and hence its credibility is jeopardized. As a result, this false information is internalized by the citizens and taken as the truth which might lead to unintended

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