The Role Of Asian Americans In Pop Culture

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A certain percentage of people have always asked, “Why are Asians treated poorly in the media if they are the model minority?” For the longest time, Asian Americans have been unable to achieve a voice or leave a trace in American pop culture since the popular media and consumer market undermines and negatively systematizes the racial group. As a matter of fact, there are plentiful Hollywood films nowadays that lack racial diversity in its casting members. Consequently, if the movie or television show did consist a diverse set of performers that consist of minorities, there is an abundance of racial mockery within the portrayal of the characters. Asian Americans are great examples of being undermined as they one of the few races in this country…show more content…
Since then, women and African Americans are making a few strides, but left behind are the Asians. This is due to the fact that Hollywood producers think that minorities “are not good enough” and “a huge box office risk” due to their lack of accomplishments in the film industry. Lynne Marie Rosenberg, an actress who runs a popular Tumblr blog called Cast and Loose, which posts offensive character “breakdowns” from auditions, claimed that she frequently saw casting calls that list nearly all ethnicities - except Asian. There are only a handful of Asian actors in America that are making a mark in pop culture, but people tend to forget them after portraying an iconic television role like every other minority. Most Asians actors do not have a box office record, therefore, they remain with their small acting roles and a stagnant progress in their…show more content…
According to a study from the University of Texas Mental Health Center, Asian American college students are more likely to favor majors in math and science than their non-Asian peers. The writer claims that “they feel pressured to fulfill the expectations of the ‘model minority’ stereotype” (Kobayashi, Model Minority Stereotype Reconsidered). Furthermore, popular culture is the main provider of our common knowledge and therefore, issues of some theorists call, “Orientalism,” or the process of making Eastern cultures seem exotic is abundant in the western world. Authentically, not all of the stereotypes are offensive to the given race; some Asians even find it

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