The Media's Role Of The Media In Modern Society

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Due to its importance in society, the media plays a vital role in the world we live in today. The circulation of information is the basis for building democratic societies, in which public awareness is a guarantee of coherency and development. Therefore it is a matter of great importance that this manner of relaying information is done ethically and efficiently. When exploring the role of the media in a modern society, political mediatization, a central term should be examined in depth. This refers to the institutionalization of the media, as the media has excised into the scene of exchange of political ideas. The media has become a central figure in creating public coherence concerning political decisions. In addition to this, it is an acting institution, in the creation of the general political agenda. This emerging role came from the classical conception of a watchdog or “the 4th government power,” to an independent actor playing an important part in the determination of political discourses . Depending on how one uses the media, it can either be an important tool to create peace or a crucial weapon in conflict. Johan Galtung has created the original Peace Journalism model, in where he creates a distinction between war and peace journalism. Where Peace Journalism aims to create solutions and is truth-oriented, war journalism is propaganda – and victory oriented . One can argue, that during peace the media will tell the truth and during war, the media will tell lies and

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