The Media's View Of Human Sexuality

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Human sexuality - Human sexuality is the delivery of sexual sensation and related affection between human beings. Psychologically, human sexuality is when a man and a woman both express their love for each other to the fullest. Biologically it means that a child is conceived and the lineage is passed on to the next generation. Slide 2:
Medias perspective of human sexuality -
The media has a huge impact on people when it comes to their sexuality, this is because when people see a certain image of a model or sportsman they automatically assume that they 're supposed to look like them. Or if they see a famous actor or a model and see them wearing clothes with a popular brand name or if they are looking really fit then they think it 's a necessity to get the same type of clothes and to have have the same type of body.
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Catholic perspective of human sexuality -
The catholic perspective on human sexuality is to have any type of sexual act after marriage. The Catholic Church teaches us that sexuality between two people should be pure and that you should be in harmony with that person. And it also teaches us that you should be committed to that person

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