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The early diagnosis and excessive treatment of Bipolar Disorder in children is a major problem today. Even though “The Medicated Child” was a documentary filmed in 2008, a lot of the information presented is still relevant. Children are still being misdiagnosed or overly medicated because no one is positive of the extent of the disorder or if it is present at all in the child. There have been many studies on the best way to diagnose a child with this disorder in order to have a more conclusive diagnosis. The medication given to children diagnosed with the disorder is also an issue because a lot of the medications given have yet to be tested in the pediatric field. Therefore, a lot of guess work is done in order to find the correct combination of medications to help subdue the child. The diagnosis portion of the movie was very interesting and informative. If the doctors were able to correctly diagnose the children, it may be easier to treat Bipolar Disorder. According to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in Predication of pediatric bipolar disorder using neuroanatomical signatures of the amygdala, the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in children is based on signs and symptoms without using objective diagnostic biomarkers. They proposed neuroimaging scans of the amygdala in order to differentiate between bipolar disorder and healthy…show more content…
The entire idea of bipolar disorder in children and ways to diagnose and treat it needs to be research and helped because the over medication of children should not be a solution to the problem. Children are rambunctious and everyone is different which does lead to a lot of the misdiagnosis that there are today, however as the years pass and the more common this problem seems to present itself, the more research that is being done. This will bring us closer to where we need to be in this

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