The Megastorm Aftermath Analysis

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While watching the short documentary by NOVA called the Megastorm Aftermath, many things went through my mind. This documentary had a running time of 52 minutes 52 seconds. This film was produced in 2013 and was written, produced, and directed by Miles O’Brien. This film really caught my eye as I was searching through the documentary category on Netflix. I had an idea of what I was looking for because this topic really interests me. I wanted something that would possibly talk about pollution and global warming. When I found this film, I thought that it would talk more about how hurricanes and storms are created and what toll climate change has to do with this problem that people face. This film discusses the tragic event that occurred in 2012 that killed hundreds and left cities in complete devastation. The Megastorm they speak of throughout this film was Superstorm Sandy which effected the East Coast of the United States, and also extended across the Caribbean. Many thoughts that went throughout my mind before I began to watch this film left me wondering if it…show more content…
According to, global warming is a major consequence of the tragic events that we see in our everyday lives such as hurricanes. Global warming allows more powerful and dangerous hurricanes. The warming of water in the oceans forces more energy into tropical storms. This is then making them much stronger which will cause more destruction than past storms. What is causing global warming? Most scientists agree that humans are the main cause of our current global warming movement. We can see by this small bit of information, that we too are contributing to the massive storms that cause much havoc in our

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