What Is The Conflict In The Melting Pot

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Seventh Grade and The Melting Pot
Conflicts Essay A conflict is a problem between two things. An external conflict is a conflict that is between two or more people, things, or groups. An internal conflict is a conflict that the main character or thing that is having a problem within his or her self. This paragraph will focus on the different types of conflicts in the stories “Seventh Grade” and “The Melting Pot”. Evidence from the text will be used to prove which conflict is used in both of the stories. In “Seventh Grade” The correct conflict in this story is internal conflict. The reason being is because Victor does not appear to have problems with anyone in his school, he appears to have problems with himself because of the bad moves he makes. For example, he pretends to speak French and says to himself that Teresa probably thinks he’s stupid afterward. There is no winner since it stops and doesn’t seem like it will be over at least until the school year is over, since there would much likely still things that Victor says to Teresa. If there was a winner it would likely be Victor since he overcame his fear and said he would tutor Teresa, but believably with what is seen in the story there is none... yet. In “The Melting Pot” The correct conflict
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The reason that it is external is because the whole neighborhood has a conflict that involves everybody. Complaining and arguing being suspicious of each other, an example to prove the point is the fact that the old timers are suspicious of the new people and the new people think that the people that have been here for a while are bigots. Also, the old times blame the new people running it are responsible for the rising rent, and they are annoyed as well since they are the ones that have to pay for it. With what is in this story there is no winner in this story since the neighborhood will always be in conflict complaining to each
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