The Member Of The Wedding Analysis

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“It happened that green and crazy summer when Frankie was twelve years old. This was the summer for when a long time she had not been a member of nothing in the world. Frankie has become an unjoined person who hung around in doorways ,and she was afraid” (McCullers 3). The Member of the Wedding uses the pronoun “it” initially dislocates the reader, for it is unclear as to the subject of the narrator’s revelations. McCullers uses many themes throughout her story , identity and self worth have been shown as a prevalent theme through this story. A great example of the theme identity is when “twelve year old Frankie is entering the phase of her adolescence in which she undergoes dramatic changes and begins seriously considering who she is as a person and who she will become” (Novels for Students 126). In addition sexual and emotional development show as a result why Frankie has acted the way she has been towards Berenice “He was staring at the back of her hand as though what he wanted and needed was angled eyesight that could cut around corners and read people’s cards” (McCullers 14). However Frankie shows maturity too her adulthood as a result to further her experience level. Frankie looks at Berenice as a mother figure due to her being the one too raise her for so many years and to give her all the advice…show more content…
A brief denouement covers the events that take place after that weekend, up until November. In the novel and the way of writing flashbacks happen all throughout thebook . McCullers tone for all her books are very straight forward she likes to get to the point. The novel 's tone itself are distinctive to each of the three main sections. The first section is more dream-like, filled with colorful imagery. The second is more circumspect. The third is more bare-bones, matter-of
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