The Memoirs Of Gluckel Of Hamein Summary

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The author of The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hamein begins the book by trying to impart the feeling of anguish she has in her heart. The concept of some interest that the book which was written because the of loss of a husband and was written over 300 years ago is now seen as a fount of knowledge for current readers into the life of the Ashkenazi Jewry in the seventeenth and eighteenth century in terms of lifestyle and heritage. One of the warnings which Gluckel imparts to her children is that I do not intend to write a book of morals, for I am not able to do so , although she was not trying to be indignant or self-righteous the writing she produced has provided us with a look into the beliefs of many Jews in the 17th and 18th centuries to include her own. Her writing allows us to see an overall perspective of Jewish community in…show more content…
These different aspects of her life can be seen at several point in the book such as at the outset of book two she speaks about her arranged marriage her father commits her to the arranged marriage Before I was twelve years old I was betrothed and the betrothal lasted two years. , so at the age of 14 Gluckel was married to her first husband. This demonstrates that she was raised in a similar fashion to many women of the seventeenth century. This practice of arranged marriages was not uncommon common to the time period leaving no choice of marital partners to the women and also how women in general were viewed throughout society. The difference that we do see though is that this arranged marriage is accomplished at quite a young age Germany at this point in time is predominantly Christian and it would abnormal for them to take their marriage vows before the age of
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