The Memory Keeper's Daughter Analysis

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The Memory Keeper’s Daughter The environment in which someone grows has the power to shape and influence individuals into the people they become and the actions they take. This phenomenon is especially apparent when considering how young children are impacted by their home life, relationships among and with parents, and the parent’s actions. Corresponding with the scientific concept of nature vs. nurture, literature has often used the hardships someone faces at home or in their environment, or the warmth and love from their environment, to justify character’s actions and show how that can change people. In Kim Edwards’ novel, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Edwards tells the story of two twins separated at birth, Paul who is perfect in every way, and Phoebe who has Down Syndrome and is seen as undesirable in the 1960s setting. Paul and Phoebe’s father, Dr. David Henry, makes the decision to send Phoebe away to not crush his wife, Norah, with their daughter’s condition. Phoebe goes on to live with Dr. Henry’s former assistant nurse, Caroline Gill, and Paul grows up in the Henry household. The differences between these households, one with what seems like it all and the other with mountains to climb before them, influence these twins very differently, however they create them into the people they become. The Henry’s lived a seemingly perfect life, however not all was as it seemed. David was an up and coming doctor with a promising career and potential in photography as well,
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