The Mermaid's Sisters

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In The Mermaid’s Sister, by Carrie Anne Noble, the main two characters Maren and Clara are raised as sisters by Auntie Verity, who is a specialist at potions for illnesses. Both children came to her as babies. Maren came by a clam shell and Clara came by a stork. The main issue in the book is Maren is changing into a mermaid. Clara does not want her to become a mermaid. A friend of theirs O’Neill who accompanies Scarff, says he will try to find a cure for Maren. Clara loves O’Neill herself, but she thinks Maren has always loved him. O’Neill comes back for a visit with Scarf. O’Neill and Clara agree to take Maren to the ocean. They are accompanied by Osbert the dragon and Pilsner the raven. They are followed by Simon Shumsky, who loves…show more content…
There are two different kinds of magic that I see in The Mermaid’s Sister. I see the herbalogy which is taught to Harry Potter at Hogwarts. Auntie Verity uses herbs and plants to make elixirs for those who are ill, much like the herbology class teaches. The second type of magic I see is Maren transforming into a mermaid. This is like the transforming of Voldemort transforming into a human, but he goes through many incarnations. The second way it is similar to Harry Potter is the friendship of the three main characters. Even though there were two girls and one boy this time, they all went on a quest together. They all were the best of friends and helped each other when needed, much like Ron, Harry and Hermione did. Finally, there is a final battle for evil at the end of the book, like many of the Harry Potter books. Jasper is a murder, like Voldemort. Both Voldermort and Jasper are killed. O’Neill, Maren, and Clara are able to finish their quest to get to the sea, like Harry Potter was able to finish his quest to end Voldemort and brings peace to the wizarding world. This allowed all the good guys to complete their
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