The Metamorphosis Analytical Essay

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In the story, “The Metamorphosis” by, Franz Kafka a boy named Gregor Samsa turns into a bug. At first he thinks it is just a dream but then he comes to the understanding that it is not a dream, and he is stuck in between the four walls of his bedroom. He tried to roll onto his side but he would just end up right back on his back. Gregor takes on three roles; freedom, responsibility, and love through out the story “The Metamorphosis. Gregor wants freedom. He is stuck with his job to support his family, and he wishes he could just quit his job. Once he quits his job he thought he was going to be free. However, that is not the case he ends up stuck in his room by his family. When he was working he was like a slave and the same thing happened when he quit his job. He was a slave for his family and they neglect him as well. The narrator says, “He’d have to rush like a…show more content…
He takes care of his family but he doesn't want to. He only does it because he cares about them and loves them. He would do anything for them. The narrator writes, “‘What a quiet life the family leads,’Gregor said to himself and felt great pride, as he stared into the darkness before him, that he had been able to provide his parents and his sister with such a life, in such a nice apartment”(125). But then feels guilty when he hears his family talking about money and he cannot do anything about it. He has been doing the best he can. Gregor turned into a bug and now his parents have to provide for themselves without the help of their son. Gregor takes on freedom, responsibility, and love through out the story “The Metamorphosis until he turns into a bug. He then cannot do anything to help his family and they have to help themselves. Gregor did all he could do as the man of the house until he had enough. He was stuck in his room and stuck on his back in bed not able to move out of bed. He tried and tried only to help his family that he was
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