The Metamorphosis By Kafka

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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is very profound narrative, in which many deep insights can be made. There is much depth behind the story of Gregor Samsa and his unconventional happening, however many other characters in this book can be analyzed with the same amount of detail and yield the same profundity. The title of the story, The Metamorphosis, often refers to Gregor 's strange experiences in the book. However, when first published in Germany it was actually titled The Transformation and, consequently, through the book 's translation to English, much of original meaning became lost. The word "transformation", in terms of Kafka 's story, can be thought of in both physical and psychological terms. Moreover, Gregor is not the only…show more content…
In the last stages of the narrative, Grete begins to mature physically as well as mentally. She becomes less independent on the family when she takes a job as a sales girl to help support the family where Gregor has fallen short. As her personal needs grow, she becomes impatient with tending to Gregor (Kafka 52). This reveals that she is entrapped by Gregor 's transformation and in turn transforms herself. Her own wants were smothered by Gregor 's helplessness. This can be related to the ever-present theme isolation; Gregor is locked away in his room and Grete is trapped by taking care of Gregor. In the end, Grete has completely changed in relation to herself at the beginning of the story. Once loving her brother, she now resents Gregor, referring to him as "it". She pleads her parents to get rid of him so both Grete and the parents can be free of their burden (Kafka 62). In this bit of information, it is shown how different Grete becomes. She is now fully independent and is ready to meet the world. She can finally think for herself. Also at the end of the book, Grete rises up and stretches her young body(Kafka 68). This may allude to fact that she has fully matured at this point in the story.

Grete is the penultimate character in The Metamorphosis and it is easy to see how drastically Grete changes over the course of the book. Like Gregor, she transforms into a completely new being. This change in her can be compared to life; although it may take years instead of a few days, all people change over
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