The Metamorphosis In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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The term metamorphosis means a major change of someone or something into something new in terms of structure, substance and appearance. Franz Kafka of The Metamorphosis incorporates all three changes to Gregor Samsa. Prior to Gregor’s metamorphosis, Gregor was the backbone of the family who venerated him. As the only working family member, Gregor tries his best to provide comfort for his family, often at his personal expense. However, when Gregor Samsa transforms from a human to a bug, he upsets the social hierarchy of the family. This shuffling of roles as a result of the metamorphosis destroys his relationship with his sister over time.
After Gregor Samsa’s transformation, Grete is the only caring person in the family who looks after him. His mother is in complete shock and cannot bear his appearance, while his father is even more hostile towards him. Grete, however, shows great admiration for Gregor because he has been the only working member of the family and has been saving money to pay for her tuition for music school. Even though Gregor is unable to work, Grete has not forgotten the sacrifices he has made for the family. Grete demonstrates genuine affection for Gregor by giving him food and taking notice of what he prefers. Grete “brought him a wide selection that she spread out on an old newspaper. There were old, half-rotten vegetables, bones left over from the evening meal covered with congealed white sauce, a few raisins and almonds, some cheese that Gregor had
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