The Mexican Cartels

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The Mexican cartels have impacted the society by violating many rights that human have and that are protected. The Cartels are causing too much trouble to the world especially in Mexico and its neighboring countries. They have trafficking tons and tons of drugs to world and spread its violence to nation that live in peace. The cartels have been operating for while and keep growing becoming more powerful each day and nothing has stopped them yet. The Mexican cartels have constructed their empires through the violation of human rights in the business of drug trafficking, especially through torture and deaths, resulting in worldwide corruption. The Mexican cartels main purpose at the beginning was to construct their business from the roots of…show more content…
Everyday more and more deaths increasing the number of dead people in the country and starting to cause trouble to other countries near Mexico spreading their violence.”Seven people a day are murdered. A total of 5,300 victims were killed between January 2008 and May 2010”(Simser,1). The violence in Mexico is increasing day by day and having 7 deaths every day due to the cartels violence and not including the death toll of the those that consume drugs.
“The grisly discovery at almost 400 bodies in shallow graves in northern Mexico since early April has highlighted the terrible fate of many citizens who have been abducted by drug gangs and forced to work for the cartels, or killed and buried for refusing to do so”(Rama, 1). The cartels act to violently and gruesome to actually kill 400 humans and putting them into shallow graves in which they buried for themselves. The kinds of violent they operate include human massacres, chopping their head off and displaying their bodies to the public. They allow operate in these way by rejecting the work they want them to
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embassy in mexico city who fed drug lords information from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration”(De Cordoba,1). One of the most dangerous cartels placed someone that worked in their organization inside the U.S embassy to trespass information about the investigation of the DEA. Most of the time those that work for the organizations they trespass information if any of them is about to get captured. The corrupted ones are located within the highest level of authority of the military and the government of both Mexico and United States. These members of the cartel are extremely valuable to them because they hold confidential information of them, and if they get arrested they can tell them where the kingpin are located. When a famous kingpin was arrested known as “La Barbie” he spoke to the agents telling them “everyone has a price to keep their mouths, and eyes close”. Referring that no matter what type of person honest, loyal, the person is, they always have a price. “The pay for many local police officers, for instances, is so low that accepting bribes in return for turning a blind eye to deny transactions or even facilitating them, is not unusual”(Anderson, 2). The police officers are not earning enough money to support their

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