The Mice In Council Analysis

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1.The Mice in Council:At first,other mice thought this idea was wonderful,but when the mice further debated who could bell the cat and found no one could do it.they must be disappointed and sad.Of course,Something like this often take place in our daily life.We have many fantastic ideas and dreams,but Sometimes even though we spare no effort to do them,we may gain bad bad results resulting of obstacles.Certainly we feel sad.but I personally think that what is the most beautiful and attractive is that we can not gain.However,not every wish can be truth,not every difficult can be overcome.At last,that we have experienced joy or sorrow is of vital importance.In my opinion,the process of growing is precious and necessary.I sincerely hope that tried my best to do it,I won not be regretful.Maybe growing’s sufferings are also large fortunes,from which…show more content…
Meanwhile,a kind and honest persona is always popular with others at anytime and everywhere,we should make others who around us happy for our
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