The Middle Ages: The Magna Carta

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We call the middle ages the middle ages because they were in the middle. The middle ages is the period of 400-1401ad, but most people know them as the dark ages. The dark ages fall in between the middle of the renaissance and the reformation. Now let’s get one thing straight, the dark ages, are not actually dark. Historians call this time period the dark ages to illustrate that it was an intellectually dark time and there was not much learning. “The Dark Ages is a term applied in its widest sense to that period of intellectual depression in the history of Europe from the establishment of the barbarian supremacy in the fifth century (400 CE) to the revival of learning at about the beginning of the fifteenth (1400 CE), thus nearly corresponding…show more content…
The Magna Carta frequently refers to God, I think this is why churches took this document as seriously as they did. King John’s power was severely restricted by the Magna Carta, because he had to follow the rules or else he would lose the trust of his nobles and his people. The Magna Carta laid the path for democracy because it gave the king less power and allowed the people to stand up for what they believe in. Studying the Magna Carta helps us comprehend how it influenced today’s government. Joan of ark is either known as crazy or a prophet, why is this? This is because she heard God in her head, which back then was seen as mentally insane or witchcraft. In most pictures you can see Joan in full armor holding a silver sword with a banner wrapping around her. The banner usually has three angels, I believe this symbolizes the three churches helping her through battle. Joan of ark was a magnificent fighter and lead the English out of France at the age of 18. In conclusion, the dark ages were not really dark at all. The dark ages had many great moments in their time period. Some of which include the Magna Carta, Joan of Ark, The booming trade routes, and the continuing process of renewing things. The times may have been intellectually dark, but I don’t think dark ages is the correct term to describe the middle

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