The Middle Class In The Film Inequality For All

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In the movie, Inequality for All, there are a lot of important facts and research about our American economy that has not been helpful for the middle class. It has been beneficial for the upper class on many different levels but it hurts the heart and soul of the American workforce which is again the middle class. Without the middle class there would be no upper class, the middle class is very essential to the American economy flowing smoothly. In this film, former United States secretary of labor Robert Reich travels across America looking for answers to what happened to our economy. Reich explains what America has been and become over the last one hundred years. “By the look of it, it does not look too promising for my generation to run”. Widening income inequality has impacted communities in many…show more content…
One way is through money obviously, money to most of America has become scarce and it is not because of the people themselves. It is because there is big gap between the higher class wages and the middle class wages. The higher class seems to be making more and more money while the middle class is not. The money going out to these CEO’s, Executives and all these high positions for established companies is astronomical. They are making so much money that they have no way of spending it all. The best way to put it use would be donations and charity work but they decide to keep it all to themselves and end up with millions of dollars unspent. This obviously hurts the middle class while most of this class struggle to put food on the table. Reich (2013) gives the example of a woman named Erica let us take a look into her life. She makes around twenty dollars an hour working at COSTCO and still has trouble supporting her family. One
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