The Milgram Experiment: Video Analysis

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The video on The Milgram Experiment shows a group of people who have the title as “teacher” who are being tested to see how they react while administering seemingly dangerous electricity voltage to someone who has the title as “learner”. The “learner” in the video is also an actor. He is pretending to be in an immense amount of pain as they administer the electricity. The other actor is a scientist. He is the one giving them the orders. The original Milgram Experiment was designed to see if the subjects would administer all levels of voltage. In this case it is the same. The highest amount of voltage is 450 volts. This is still damaging and very painful. The “teachers” have to ask the “learner” certain questions based on memory and if he gets them wrong then they…show more content…
Or maybe some people just can’t see the difference between right and wrong, or ethical and unethical. The Bystander Effect This video shows more than one actor lying on the street acting as if they were in distress or horrible pain. Most people walking by did not stop at all to help or see what was wrong, although they indeed looked. The purpose of the video is to demonstrate what is known as The Bystander Effect. The example in the video is how no one would stop to help, the explanation for it is because one person wouldn’t stop, so another wouldn’t stop, another person, and so forth. The Bystander Effect is like a social epidemic. People feel as though they shouldn’t stop because they SAW nobody stop. When people did stop it wasn’t just 1 person. There were always at least 2 or more people that stopped. The Bystander Effect is like unspoken peer pressure. There was one instance where one of the actors were dressed in a suit as if he was a business man or wealthy. It took 4 seconds for someone to stop. Not too long before somebody stopped to help. Then after that even the cops were called to help. The actors in the casual and homeless attire Mike Kelly:

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