The Military-Industrial Complex

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The Military-Industrial Complex Today the “military-political situation” in the world has changed qualitatively (Dubovtsev, Galymzhanuly, 2011). There is no immediate threat of nuclear war and diminish the role of military force as an instrument of foreign policy. However, the need to maintain internal order, the protection of borders, protect the territorial integrity of the state, its security and defense when there is still the danger of war that requires from every country in the world to pay serious attention to equipping its military establishments with modern military technology. Military-industrial base of most countries in the world often unable to meet all the needs of the national army in armaments, and the demand is covered by…show more content…
Some researchers believe that this is particularly true for the industrialized countries with their powerful military machine. At one time, to refer to the integration of military and economic development in the conditions of modern warfare, President Eisenhower used the term military-industrial complex. Originally, the term originated in connection with attempts to ensure the systematic application of science and technology in military production. Later, however, Eisenhower began to perceive the development of the military-industrial ties as something rather disturbing, fearing that the power of the military-industrial complex has acquired such proportions that the most important decisions in the field of social and political life were out of the activities of politicians (Hunt, Colander, 2010). Many subsequent authors have argued that as a result of the Cold War (the period of hostile relations between the US and the USSR in 1950-60-ies, which led to the arms build-up by both parties) reached a particular span the United States and the Soviet Union's military-industrial complex. How this view justified is? Unfortunately, the very idea of the military-industrial complex is often not clear enough, and when it is said about the extent of its influence on political decisions, it is limited to more hints than a full analysis. . However, for…show more content…
Another very important advantage of the US defense industry is that it is based on an extremely high level of military R & D, which allows continuously improve and create new weapons system, at the same time upgrading the technological base for their production. Another advantage of the defense industry is that private military industrial corporations managed independently, but under strict control by the state, quickly and efficiently to restructure the industry. Works Cited Hunt, Elgin F., and Colander, David C. (2010), Social Science An Introduction to the Study of Society. Turley J. (2014), Big money behind war: the military-industrial complex Independent (2011), Ike was right all along: The danger of the military-industrial complex Retrieved from: Nicolas Cage (2005), Lord of War Dubovtsev, Georgy and Galymzhanuly, Erlan (2011), Forecast on the military-political situation emerging in the world and the Central Asian region Glassman, Jim; Choi, Young-Jin (2014), The Chaebol and the US Military-Industrial Complex: Cold War Geopolitical Economy and South Korean
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