The Minister's Black Veil: Mysteries That Bring You Apart

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“The Minister’s Black Veil: ” Mysteries that Bring you Apart The mysterious usage of the black veil from the minister will make a great difference in the thoughts of the community. “ ‘But what has good Parson Hooper got upon his face?’ cried the sexton in astonishment”(341). Many will also question why the minister, Mr.Hooper, is using a black veil. To the eyes of people, the black veil is telling or to better say the people have inferred that Mr.Hooper is hiding something behind the veil. Whatever it is that the minister is hiding it is a very mysterious thing because it makes everyone talk about it how it give him a totally different way. Mr. Hooper makes everyone think about their secret sinss by saying things that they do not understand. Mr. Hooper’s mysterious usage of the veil to cover his face will bring up many…show more content…
The symbols of a story will not always be the meaning of a story. The meaning of the story will come up as what we experience and interpret from the story. The meaning of the story is that not all the time we are going to stay hidden from the world because the truth will always in some way make its way to the surface. To everyone, it is unknown why Mr.Hooper is wearing the veil when in the eyes of Mr.Hooper everyone is also wearing the black veil. When he, Mr.Hooper, is in his death bed others will try to remove the veil from his face to find out what he for so long has hidden to them. “ “Venerable Father Hooper,” said he, “the moment of your release is at hand. Are you ready for the lifting of the veil that shuts in time from eternity?” ”(351). Mr. Hooper yet about to die has not allowed for his veil to be lifted. Since he didn’t want the veil to be lifted, he was most likely truly hiding something from everyone who loved
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