The Minister's Black Veil Romanticism Analysis

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Nathaniel Hawthorne used romanticism in “The Minister's Black Veil”. He expressed it in ways by emotion and supernatural and also in mystery. Romanticism is explained as a literary and artistic movement of the nineteenth-century that arose in reaction against the eighteenth-century. Nathaniel Hawthorne used his ways of romanticism in the character Mr.Hooper. Mr. Hooper has a sin that he keeps a secret, it´s a secret sin he can not express nor tell anyone as he is keeping quiet and not answering questions when people of the town question him. His character is very quite that keeps to himself and blocks his feelings from everyone.

In the book, Minister's Black Veil the story mentions parable a few times, what is a parable you might ask?. A parable is a simple story illustrating a moral or religious lesson for instance in this Mr.Hooper is a quiet person of the town and one day out of the blue he just decides to wear an all black veil covering his face, although no one knows why he does such an act if he has not expressed his feelings to anyone, people then start to questioning why he chooses black
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That’s where the parable of religious and a God like figure comes in. To some people this story can mean many different things like mentioned before it can relate back to a God like figure, some it can relate to an entity from something dark and have relations to do sins. Also some themes are people should be less concerned of others sins and attend to redemption for their own sins. The black veil has two symbolic meanings: a facade of decency that the minister dons in the presence of others and a shield hiding iniquity in the minister's past.The veil ; a thin, flimsy, article of clothing, is a symbol of the superficiality of Puritan
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