The Minister's Black Veil Summary

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story, The Minister’s Black Veil, reveals a minister, name Mr. Hooper, wearing a black veil during a sermon. Normally, black veils are worn by women either for religious reasons or for other reasons. Because of this case, the people who are listening to the Hooper’s sermon are quite confused and have no idea how to react to this situation. By being an important person in the town and church, the veil covers his vanity and the veil covers his view of the world. It covers his views of evil. In small towns, the person who performs sermons and masses, people like ministers and priests, are considered the most important person of the town. That person helps the people with any problem they need by providing sayings that are part of the Bible or some other religious entity. The wearing of the black veil causes the people to be in a state of confusion because the people know Hooper very well because to them, understanding the word of God is very important and it strengthens their faith. With this situation, the people are not comfortable because Hooper is acting weirdly and he is not the person the people know and listen to. The veil shows that Hooper looks differently towards the people, making him think differently about the world. The veil has Hooper thinking…show more content…
The black veil made the people think the Mr. Hooper was changing and wasn’t being a normal minister. The black veil is simply there for Hooper so he can see a different view on the world. He sees black faces showing that people sin, his sees that everyone there is equal, and he sees the behaviors of the people revealing their personalities that he can learn from. Hawthorne is showing the reader Hooper wants to make a town that is free from sin and make things simple for them. He wants their faith to be stronger and become better
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