What Are Minority Languages Endangering

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Do you know that some languages are endangering? What are some of the languages that are diminishing nowadays? How many languages are diminishing nowadays? Do you know the meaning of minority languages? Minority languages are languages that are not widely spoken and not being valuable in some countries and other regions around the world. Minority languages can be languages that are even spoken widely in the countries. Many languages are diminishing nowadays because they’re a lot of official languages around that world that all people speak in as English and French. The subject “The death of language” is one of the topics that catches the interest of the people because they are a lot of languages that are endangering which people value them.…show more content…
She started her essay by telling a story, about the last speaker of a tribal language because of the death of Aka-Bo language and that she was lonely and had to learn other language to communicate with people. She then explained the definition of minority languages she said, “Is one that that is spoken in less than half of some counties and regions” such as, Mandarin. The essay claimed on the languages that endangered. In addition, she stated that the effect of death language lead to loss of the language and loss of culture that results in loneliness and losing the people you loved other than losing a language. Another aspect of the sadness of the language dying is that minority languages stands as a barrier for the progress and the value it is placed in that is mainly sentimental compared to majority languages based on the author’s point of view. Moreover, she gave an example of the philosopher Cohen talking about his valuable object that he first got when he became a lecturer which is an eraser. He said that he valued things and they are like treasure that he doesn’t want to lose them as the value of minority languages. As a result, he has some respond to that the value of the language is not completely sentimental and that they have some particular personal connection which he also called personal value.…show more content…
Although, most of her main ideas were valid and logical such as, treasuring the languages and being a part of the culture. Also, the arguments that she made wasn’t well supported and analyzed as I expected them to be. The text was still valuable in addressing the main purpose of minority languages which is valuing the languages. The audience could have gained more knowledge about the subject if the author supported and clarified her ideas more. In my opinion, the article was somewhat entertaining and interesting for me because, I’m interested in knowing more about languages especially languages that are endangering. However, the points that made me dislike the article somewhat is that she didn’t support her ideas clearly and because she didn’t have adequate ideas she started repeating some
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