The Mirabal Sisters

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“For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.” ―Henry W. Longfellow. The Mirabal sisters have always struggled somewhere throughout their lives. As Longfellow explained that when its raining its raining like it was during the dinner scene where Minerva danced with Trujillo. Julia Alvarez throughout the book, explains the experiences that each one of the girls have experienced that have been through some sort of challenge. But how did Trujillo truly affect their lives in a negative way throughout his reign in the Dominican Republic? The Mirabal sisters have experienced a struggle that have affected them personally in their decision making. Maria Teresa struggles after discovering her gender codes and societal…show more content…
Then another time, I came in from outside with my hands full of anthuriums. I looked up at him, and I thought why not. I set up a vase on the table right under his picture… I don’t know if that’s how it started, but pretty soon, I was praying to him, not because he was worthy or anything like that. I wanted something from him, and prayer was the only way I knew to ask” (Alvarez 202). Look at what Trujillo did to the society of the Dominican Republic, he brainwashed all the people into what he thinks right, and that's the worst crime you can ever do to a person, which is make them feel powerless and speechless in a society. But also looking at the tone of Partia she does not seemed to be fazed that she is praying to the wrong man, so it seems like she has fallen into the trap of “Trujillo is the one who will get us out of this mess”. Again we see Patria fall in love with the idea that Trujillo and God are together it is as if they merged faces as Patria mentioned before.”Minerva could tell. One day, we were lying side by side on the hammock strung just outside the galería. She must have caught me gazing at our picture of the Good Shepherd, talking to his lambs. Beside him hung the required portrait of El Jefe, touched up to make him look better than he was. “They’re a pair, aren’t they” (Alvarez
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