The Mirabal Sisters: The Death Of Trujillo

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Title The average person wouldn’t spare a few dollars to help a starving person, but the Mirabal sisters sacrificed everything in order to help complete strangers . It has been almost a year since the horrid night when the Mariposas were brutally murdered by the tyrannical ruler Rafael Trujillo, and there is only one question which everyone is talking about. Was all of the sacrifices that the Mariposas made worth the end of Trujillo’s reign? The answer to this question is answered by answering another. Did the sister themselves actually make a change, and help with Trujillo’s downfall. If so then sacrifices are clearly warranted because without these sacrifices the sisters would never have been able to accumulate enough popularity, so that when they died, enough people would follow in their footsteps, and actually…show more content…
The increased popularity of the sisters, and the revolution, was important for their final sacrifices of their lives. The sisters final sacrifice used the popularity they had gained through their other sacrifices, and allowed the people to have a final push to join the revolution and fight Trujillo. As we all know this movement that was established when the sisters were killed eventually lead to the assassination of Trujillo, only six months after the Mariposas deaths. Despite the fact that most people consider the Mirabal sisters as a driving force for the revolutions victories, there are still a few people that would argue that the sisters had virtually nothing to do with the actual downfall of Trujillo, as they were dead at the time. Even though these accusations are partially true, what these critics fail to realize is that, the actions of the sisters didn’t directly end Trujillo’s regime, but instead they influenced others into joining the revolution and causing Trujillo’s downfall . Clearly, because the Mirabal sisters’ actions helped the revolution eventually take down Trujillo's regime, the sacrifices the made throughout the years were
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