Commentary On The Book 'The Miracle' By Michael Schuman

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Book Review 2: The Miracle – Michael Schuman
In slightly over a generation gap, Asia has emerged as the rising force in the Global economy. This transformation has been so magnificent that people have called it the Miracle. The book by Michael Schuman details the brave decisions and heroic self-sacrifice that made Asia's ascent possible.
It covers nine countries and enquires into major historical events, this account also brings to light not only Asia's extraordinary economic rise but also how its causes might lead the developing world from poverty and lead the developed world to further prosperity.
The Radio that changed the world
This chapter details the Miracle in Japan. The protagonists are Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka who went on to
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The Miracle in China was primarily the takeover of the American Company IBM’s PC division. The IBM deal would certainly transform the Chinese company into the world’s 3rd largest computer maker.
The story of Lenovo indicates the messy nature of Chinas conversion from a communist economy to a market economy. China was moving from an assembling unit country to a nation manufacturing automobiles, chemicals, LCDs etc.
Deng Xiao Ping, a great Chinese reformer along with Zhu, the mayor of Shanghai, advised on the way forward in the merging of the planned and market economies and argued with contemporary policy makers about Chinas economic direction after the “Great Leap Forward”. Zhu’s significant contribution was that of making China a member of the WTO.
All this led to the confidence in the minds of the Western countries in collaborating with China in Business. Amidst price haggling as well as issues concerning Intellectual Property Rights, Lenovo which was an insignificant company in Asia (a fish) now became a company of repute (a dragon). Hence the write up is appropriately named a “Gold fish leaping through the Dragon Gate”

An Unexpected Journey from Shortening to

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