The Miracle Worker Analysis

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Annie Sullivan had many struggles throughout her lifetime, but she was able to pass through those obstacles with determination. This determination is shown throughout the nonfiction play, The Miracle Worker, written by William Gibson. Annie Sullivan was the teacher of Helen Keller—a blind and deaf six year old girl. After weeks of discipline and training, Helen was finally able to understand that words and letters meant something. Without determination, Annie would not have been able to achieve this miracle. Accomplishing teaching with success is troublesome without the determination to do so. In Act I of the play, Kate Keller, Helen’s mother, showed determination towards helping Helen. Helen struggled a great deal since the beginning of her life, and all Kate wanted was to help her daughter lead an average life like any other child; to do this, Kate needed determination. Kate’s motherly and concerned attributes gave her the ability and strength to support her daughter. She felt sorry and wanted the best for Helen, and Kate would have done anything to protect her. In the story, Kate wanted to call a doctor to help Helen, but Captain Keller disagreed. Keller’s line reads, “I’ve stopped believing in wonders… Katie. How many times can you let them break your heart?” In reply, Kate says, “Any number of times” (Gibson 497). Kate was steadfast to help her daughter because of her love and support. She was willing to do whatever was needed for Helen no matter how much the
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