The Miracle Worker Helen Keller Quotes

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Helen Keller, a blind, deaf, and mute woman, once said, “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.” This quote means that everything is possible if we work hard and never give up. Helen Keller’s idea is reflected in The Miracle Worker by William Gibson and can also be tied into the lives of every human being, including mine.

Helen Keller’s idea that anything could be achieved by persisting is shown in The Miracle Worker by William Gibson. This play takes place in the 1880’s on the Keller ranch in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen Keller, a spoiled six-year-old child, lost her sight and vision when she was six months old. Annie, a teacher for the blind, comes to educate Helen, but soon finds out that teaching her is much harder than she thought. In this play, Annie displays persistence to overcome her hardships. One example of this is when Annie teaches Helen to eat from her own plate with a spoon. Although this task requires a lot of struggling and wrestling, it pays off, and at the end, Helen learns basic table manners. Annie achieves this
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In The Miracle Worker, Annie displays these traits when she teaches Helen to eat with utensils. Although Helen is obstinate about changing the way she eats, Annie perseveres and ultimately achieves her goal of teaching Helen table manners. Additionally, instead of giving up on teaching Helen language, Annie continues to sign words into her hand, and at the end, it was a success. When I set a goal to make the top ten finals at a championship swim meet, I knew it would be tough, but because I worked hard at swim practices, my dream was fulfilled. Helen Keller’s quote “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough” can be applied to the lives of everyone. People everywhere set challenging goals for themselves, and when those people persist through the hardships that stand in the way, most of the time they
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