The Miracles Of 1969 Apush Essay

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I. America United and Divided
A. Most of Nixon’s later life comprised of politics, he became bitter when he was defeated by other nominees, he promised his people a more united nation and hope, but his presidency was merely a disaster
II. The Miracles of 1969
A. Summer of 1969, John F. Kennedy’s desire to land on the moon was accomplished by NASA
B. A disaster that occurred on 1967 was the death of three astronauts, there was an accident where the capsule they were placed in exploded
C. Nail Armstrong took off to the moon and he became the first man to step foot on the moon, this occurred on July 20, there was approximately 500 million people waiting to find out through the radio and television
D. He collected a great amount of pictures of the moon and he
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Confrontation at Home
A. Even though 25,000 withdrew some out, people were still not content, some saw war as a waste of time, and they believed it was affecting the nation making it collapse, others believed war was immoral
B. By march 1970, there was another 150,000 troops removed
V. Expanding Women’s Rights
A. The 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote, and on August 26, 1970 it was the 5th anniversary, therefore a group of women gathered
B. On 1923 equal rights amendment (ERA) was projected
C. There was many books created, for example, Ladies’ Home Journal and Good Housekeeping, these books depicted what a woman should be, like motherhood, and being home-loving
1. And then there was the feminist books like Our Bodies (1971), The New Woman’s Survival (1972), these books sold millions of copies, it spoke about freedom, and good health, both physical and psychological
D. Sexual Politics was written on 1969 by Kate Millett, she became one of the best sellers
1. There was also many magazines talking about women, abortions and the tedious “gender roles”
E. Women still could not advance in their job positions comparing to men, and women were still being paid much more less than men
VI. Minority

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