The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane Plot Analysis

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In the novel of the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane written by Kate DiCamillo describes the story of how our protagonist, Edward, a doll made of China is consistently being shoved around to different owners by the most unusual and ruthless way. In response, every time Edward’s is set upon a new owner, he has a new name despite himself being the same Edward Tulane throughout the story. While Edward remains himself, he experiences many first experiences and feelings that he never felt while being with his first owner. He first set upon the long journey of heralds when Abilene decides to take Edward on board ship Queen Mary. Edward being left alone deep down the dark ocean floor, left him in despair and loneliness; left him in starving for a relationship with…show more content…
The brief moments that Bryce spent with Edward was most heartening and cherished feeling for both Bryce and Edward after Sarah had passed away. It was a moment of happiness between Bryce and Edward, who both decide to leave the home of his love and heartening special someone. Although the relationship that Edward have with Bryce did not last long, it meant something special to them both because it kept the memory and connection of Sarah Ruth for them. The evidence is displayed and expressed through the rabbit dance show that Bryce constantly put up because that is all he knows and because it was Sarah’s favorite. It is also clear that Bryce cherish and love the company of Edward when DiCamillo stated “there was a loud crack. Bryce screamed. And the world, Edward’s world, went black” (165). As you can see in the novel, the short live relationship between Bryce and Edward seems the most saddening and heartfelt part of the Edward lifelong journey. In the short amount of time, Edward was able to discover new emotions and experience various things as he was Bryce companion and a rabbit

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