The Mise-En-Scene Analysis Of Casablanca

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The intriguing world of Casablanca, displays a wondrous mise-en-scene in fashion that accentuates emotions and feeling through aspects of cinematography. From the movement of the camera, to the intricacy of the shot distances chosen to be included within the frame, the film reveals important elements of the diegesis without uttering a sound. The cinematography of Casablanca gives the audience an insight into the intimacy of Rick and Ilsa's relationship, and seeks to situate the viewer’s attention to the space and time of the film. Throughout the film, Rick’s romantic relationship, or rather previous relationship, with Ilsa appears to be a focal point of the film. Moreover, the film depicts the relationship as reminiscent of another time, often with the use of medium close up shots as the two interact in a disengaged demeanor. However, once Rick and Ilsa converse passionately, the shot distance converts to a close up in order to capture the tension between them. The…show more content…
Similarly, the cinematography of Casablanca also strives to shape the viewer’s attention to the time and space of the story. The film employs a handheld movement of the camera in certain instances, to display the mise-en-scene in a genuine manner that emphasizes the setting and time of the movie. For example, evaluate the scene in the film when the camera sought to illustrate the workings of Rick’s establishment. The handheld movement of the camera explores the club in a manner that brings the viewer’s attention to the viewpoint camera. The point of view of the camera, at this point of the movie, demonstrating a human experience of observation, and fixates on investigating war uniforms of characters and their actions. By the utilization of this technique, the film’s mise-en-scene brings the audience’s attention to the space as a sort of institution of relaxation, in times of

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