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Mise-en scene is a term borrowed from French theatrical expression which simply means ‘placement in a scene’ (Corrigan & White, 2012, 42). It refers to everything that the audience saw in front of the camera was intentionally employed before and during the filming process. It incorporated important elements which can help to convey the genre, develop the character and even carries an emotional roller-coaster. There are settings, lighting, props, actors and performance, costumes and makeup, staging and blocking. For my analysis, I will be choosing an element of Actors and Performances. The reason is that compared to other elements of mise-en scene, actors and their performance was the most responsive among the audience. The audience can relate…show more content…
Katie is described as a simple woman with simple views of the world but she is not naïve or dumb. Rather, she sees things clearly. At first, she is not interested in politics in the way that she would actually plan to make a career in it. Unlike the stereotype farmer’s daughter, Katie is really outspoken, expressive and knowledgeable in politics. She just believes that the country needs good politicians and she knows when somebody is good and when somebody is not. Her own way into politics happens rather by accident. For example is when she was boldly giving out her opinion and overrules a reporter who refers to Mr Schmidlapp as second-rate. In addition to that, she is dependable, intelligent, good-hearted, loyal and funny woman. She brightens up the screen with a lovely smile and creates a sometimes amusing, but always likeable character. Her comedic character shows up when the audience did not expect it. For example is she used ‘Yuhuu’ when entering other people house for the first time. Rather than feeling shy or awkward, she was just like entering a relative house. Another comedic scene is when Katie had to put on her big uniform. She is just has pure easy going personality that cannot stand any uncomfortable moment. Therefore, she makes a joke to Mr Clancy by using the ‘big uniform’ as a subject and she was able to put a…show more content…
Far from intimidated by the powerful people, Katie was able to express her viewpoint to them. Because of that, Glenn noticed her presence. His feelings of attraction grow when Katie shared more about her story to him and his mother when they were at the stairs. You can easily imagine Glen as a serious person that never really letting loose in his life until Katie came along. This can be seen when Katie sent Glenn’s breakfast at his bedroom. Embarrassed and shocked by her presence in his bedroom, Glenn quickly entered his closet room and put on his robe gown under his pyjamas. Therefore, from the 15 minutes clip that I had choose, the most highlighted genre at that sequences is comedy. The romance and political genres is quite low during the first 30 minutes of the film and I found it just started to increase more after the next 30 minutes of the

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