The Misfit And The Grandmother Analysis

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1. The conventional social and religious values the grandmother feels she is ethically superior to others by virtue and can pass judgment on others. The Grandmother is exposed during the story when she lies to her family about a mansion with a secret panel to get her son to drive there and hides the mistake that the house was in Georgia. In the story when the misfit states “She would of been a good woman ... if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life”, implies that she talked about everything and anything a lot with little or no knowledge on the subject. Also, she felt her judgment was always right if she had someone that would have keep her from talking continuously. The functions of the other family members are, her only son Bailey who she pushes around to get her way, bailey’s wife a young and quite person and the two unruly children John Wesley and June Star.

2. The Misfit philosophic position is he seriously inquiry’s the meaning of his life and his role in it the Misfit scrutinized his experiences to find a moral lesson in them. When the Misfit said “that Jesus thown everything off balance”, he is referring to the fact that he felt he should have been these to witness the event in doing this he would not have become the man he is now. The Misfit thinks he is like Jesus his” punishment did not fit
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The chance meeting with the Misfit is engineered to bring the story to a point of meaning where the Grandmother and the Misfit meet and true morals of each character come to light. The accident and the chance meeting is an integral part of the story where two different lives are brought together to discover if there will be any Grace for the Misfit or the Grandmother. straightforwardly evil, with little to no sense of guilt, and a genuine desire to do cruel or destructive things for their own sake. Recognizing the inspirations of The Misfit, and what "goodness" means is the framework of the story and there appears to be no
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