The Misfit Character Development: The Pinwright

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The Misfit. Character Development There is always someone around in anyone’s life that is just a little bit out there, a little bit of a misfit. These types of people are not only found in our everyday life’s but also the shows that we watch almost every time the TV is turned on. The Misfit is an important part of any show as they bring a sense of comic relief and grounding to the show. There is always someone in a Sitcom that has these factors ever since the first Sitcom, Pinwright's Progress. The Pinwright's Progress was the first regular sitcom to be aired (BBC News, 2011). The show was first aired on November 29th, 1946. The black and white show was the first to break out of the typical TV styles of the era, it depicted strong working class women and how workers relate to the higher levels of management and bosses in the real world. This was the start of the sitcom that is still around today. The basis of almost all of these shows are the types of charters. There are four main types of people, the man of the…show more content…
The Big Bang Theory is a great example of this. The plot depicts four nerds as they go about their lives. In the pilot episode Penny was introduced as basically ‘the hot girl next door’ to give the show something to start on. The fact that a lot of sitcoms in the past had used a nerd as their misfit character, Penny became a relatable icon in the Big Bang’s world of nerds. As the show went past the first season, Penny started to evolved from that relatable character surrounded by misfits and nerds. She started to become a misfit herself in the Big Bang world, as most of the other characters’ became was what known in the past as a misfit. She became the odd one out in the show, still the grounding and relatable character, but now just the misfit in the series’

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