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Missile Guidance Systems Report by: Pravin N. CB.EN.U4ECE13146 AMRITA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, COIMBATORE AMRITA VISHWA VIDYAPEETHAM Introduction: Accuracy and range along with striking power, has always been the essential parameters for any defence system. As weapons grow, their usage must not affect civilians at any cost. This drives the need for a very precise system that eliminates only the target and the controllability of those systems over a long range. Missiles satisfy this purpose very effectively. Their operation consists of their guidance systems at the very core. Hence a detailed description of the various guidance techniques to provide a insight into missile systems is discussed. Aim and Scope:…show more content…
Missiles come under this class of PGMs. Their guidance systems play a crucial role in their strike capabilities. Hence the various guidance equipments employed and the techniques used for guidance are presented in detail. T V Karthickeyan, A K Kapoor, Scientists, DRDO, have given a comprehensive guide on the missile guidance systems and control in their book, “Guided Missiles”. Their book illustrates the mechanism by which missiles operate and provide a detailed description of the underlying systems. Dr.Anil Maini and Nakul Maini, have given very detailed analysis of the various techniques used for guiding munition and their classification under the topic “Precision Guided Munitions: Guidance techniques” in the magazine “Electronics for you”. Dr.Carlo Kopp, has provided a comprehensive study on the active and semi-active RADAR guided missile systems in the topic “Active and Semi-active RADAR Guidance” . A special mention to various free-lance writers who have provided additional details in regard to this topic.…show more content…
After the launching of the missile, the missile is totally under the control of the guidance system till it intercepts the target. The Guidance system enables the missile to strike the target with accuracy. It also improves the missiles operability and controllability allowing for it to occur at along range. Typically, modern missiles have a very long range (ICBMs have a range minimum of 5500km). This long range calls for complex guidance system to enable the proper functioning of the missile. These guidance systems usually are a combination of various guidance systems. The Guidance systems may be classified based on the component used

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