The Mission Rescue Analysis

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The Mission Rescue is a series of mystery thriller novels by the popular American author Shirleee McCoy made famous for her series of inspirational and Christian romance titles. With about two titles released every year since 2014, the series of novels continues to gain more popularity. The first novel in the series of novels was the bestselling Protective Instincts that was published in 2014 and went on to become an international bestseller. Sticking to her themes of inspirational fiction and influenced by her childhood dreams of strong willed heroines that are saved by even stronger heroes, the novels have a healthy dose of romance, and heroism. Even as the novels may be read as standalones with different story lines, characters, and settings,…show more content…
Staying true to her essence, she makes heroines that are central to the narrative in being iron-willed yet having that vulnerability that evokes the protective instinct in the hero. Even as the men acknowledge that the women are strong, they cannot help but step in to help get them out of situations that they would never have gotten out of by themselves. Reading more like suspense than romance novels, the novels offer a second chance at love for the women that have been battered by life to the point of exhaustion. They are heartbreaking stories that are heartbreaking to read. With the characters going through difficult situation such as losing loved ones or being kidnapped and kept hostage for days, the reader cannot help but emphasize. But what the novel really excel at is the mystery and romance aspect. In most of the narratives the big mystery is just who the kidnappers are, and what are their intentions and motivations for taking the children or women hostage. Starting out at a fast pace and never letting up in their suspense and thrill coupled with a dose of romance, these novels may be one of the best reads for any thriller romance mystery
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