The Mistreatment Of Native Americans

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Walking through the museum I’ve seen many collections of potteries, clothes, jewelries, weapons, masks, bowls, fabrics were dyed in different colors. By looking through each showcase I could tell everything they made was by hands and all of the potteries were in different shape and size, but not perfectly shaped. I think these potteries were use to store water, food or decoration in their house or they could sell it to other tribes. One of my favorite things is the jewelry; there were a lot of jewelries from earnings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Everything was hand made for different styles from children to young girls and even for man and women. The Native American is known for wearing much jewelry to show their culture and tradition among themselves and other tribes.…show more content…
Throughout history the Native America have faced many obstacles, the genocide from the settlers and the U.S government who suppress their freedom with wars and unfair treatment. I found that it is very impressed how they could manage to keep all these collections at the museum to show the world that they were once a rich and powerful civilization just like other civilization around the world and all these things are represent a culture that once was long but it is important to discover what have been missing and cherish the remaining of a

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