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In the meantime, Geeta tells her parents that she is in love with Juan who is a Chicano. However, Geeta’s family counters this decision with a serious reproach, for not respecting their culture, while Geeta feels they have no interest in respecting her marriage choice. Everybody at home gets upset. She quarrels with her dad and mum and leaves the house without telling anybody. In her search for happiness through love, Geeta is threatened by her own reluctance to abandon traditional Indian culture. This could invite excommunication from her family, the only support system that she has in America. Geeta is an acceptor of diverse consequences. In opting against the ambiguous outcome of arranged marriage, she distances herself from familial love. Geetha’s grandfather asks Tilo to go and speak to Geetha. Tilo refuses to go as she cannot go out leaving her shop according to the vows of the mistress of spices. Here we see an Indian family in America who still tries to follow and keep their culture.
Tilo is shown special attention by the old mother as she is a naughty girl. When all the mistresses are given going-away gifts like flute, incense burners, looms and pens, Tilo received a knife to keep her chaste.
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Divakaruni uses their Bengali names--halud, lanka, kalo jire- fennel -to deftly conjure a sense of their exotic possibilities, to give their users strength or courage, compassion or forgiveness and promote love. Tilo 's prosaic occupation, dispensing oils and lentils from her store counter, allows her to meet and help a cross-section of Indian immigrants. Tilo understands without words their longing for the ways they chose to leave behind when they chose America. She observes them, listens to their stories, sees into their secret fears and sometimes unobtrusively slips a special spice into their grocery-bags to help them prevail over
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