The Misunderstandings Of Forrest Gump During The Vietnam War

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Forrest Gump is about a man in the late 20th century who is on the edge of having mental retardation. This is told by Forrest Gump while he sits and waits for a bus to go see Jenny. Regardless of his setbacks, Forrest does take part in several important historical moments such as being in the Vietnam War along with the Watergate scandal. Because of his naïve nature, the viewers come to fall in love with Forrest Gump as he struggles and triumphs in everyday life. Since thie movie is being told from the viewpoint of a mentally slow man, the movie explains all the workings, the misunderstandings, and the naïve nature of mentally challenged individuals. Forrest Gump’s IQ (Intelligence quotient) was around 75 and according to the DSM-IV code book,
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