The Misuse Of Language In Dante's Inferno

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Social media and hell both illustrate the misuse of language. In The Inferno, Dante Alighieri says the misuse of language serves as a form of sin. We see the misuse of language in social media such as when someone says they are someone, but in reality they are a different person. This state, also known as catfish, comes from the well known reality television show Catfish. Misreading, not fully looking at the whole situation, and disguising as someone else is recognized as a sin for the misuse of language. In Danteʻs Inferno, the sinners misuse language by misreading, and assuming, while in reality the misuse of language portrays all over social media. Misreading serves as another way that people can sin for the misuse of language. In Dante, Francesca reads Lancelot with Paolo and while reading, they fall in love. Francesca tells her story to Dante, ʻPause after pause that high old story drew/ our eyes together while we blushed and paled;/ but it was one soft passage overthrew/ our caution and our hearts” (40). Lancelot illustrates the tragedies of falling in unwanted love between a couple. Francesca and Paolo, nonetheless, do not know what the overall story portrays because the…show more content…
In hell, Francesca misreads Lancelot and blames her adultery on the book even though it was her fault for not understanding the book by not finishing it. Cavalcante misuses the language by assuming the word held indicates that his son died. Lastly, people on social media sin by saying they are someone, when in reality they are a different person. Manti Teʻo fell victim of this and feels embarrassed for falling in love with a nonexistent person. People should not misuse the language because it exemplifies another form of sin. The misuse the language tends to lead to downfalls. Both Francesca and Cavalcante end up in hell and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo feels extremely guilty. As a very powerful tool, language should be used
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